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Up to 39 Gun Safes “Collector” Are you a Gun Enthusiast? Are you worried about the safety of your guns? If yes, RM FireSafes has a solution for you. We have launched a series of highly secured safes capable of storing up to 39 guns.  Nylon black door organizer with choctaw brown faux wood impregnated with HBCDD that is combined with bromine high impact polyester to cool the interior by as much as 25%.  3-110v power supply, and 2 USB ports, Interior Lighting comfort package ($976 value)

Steel Strength

Steel Thickness Is everything When It Come To Security ,
The More Steel The Better Your Security 
Many Name Brand Safes Use Paper Thin Gauge Steel,
The Problem Start There , When Wielding Thin Steel You Must Turn The Wield Temp Down So As Not To burn Thought , 
make Light Wields Will Break , This Will Cost Money Down The Road , We Use 1/4" High Carbon Cold Rolled Steel,
1/4" Steel Is Twelve Time Stronger Then 10 gauge, But The Wields of 1/4 " Can Be 30 Times Stronger Then 10 Gauge .
1/8" Steel Is 30 % More Steel The 12 Gauge But 1/8" is 5 Times As Stronger Then 12 Gauge
Don't Be Tricked Into Gauge Steel Security Cabinets That Offer Little Security 
All Warrior Safes Use 1/4" Plate Steel And 1/8" Reinforced Bodies And Doors ,
More Steel At Better Prices

  • The 39 gun safes include adjustble interior configurations and advanced locking mechanisms.
  • These fire resistant gun safes are available in numerous styles, colors and designs.
  • Our specialized safes are the perfect choice when more space is needed to manage your expensive firearms.
  • RM FireSafes Features Maximum 39 long gun capacity Floor mounting options Mounting hardware included Adjustable shelving for more storage Optional colors and gloss finishes Drill resistant hard plate Advanced re-lockers Manufactured with high quality steel Lifetime After-Fire Replacement Warranty Constructed with high quality steel, Gun Safes are drill and tamper resistant. Pre-drilled anchor holes will help you to mount our long lasting safes on the floor with ease.
  • On the purchase of up-to-39-gun-safes from RM Fire Safes, all of the gun safes are of quality construction and carry a limited 7 year warranty.
  • Outside dimension: 59'' x 39'' x 27'' w/ handle Fire - 2 Hour Fire 1880 degrees (*Safe for papers, cash, documents) Body - 10 Gauge 1st class solid steel (thicker construction) Door - 3 gauge solid first class steel door 5'' thick overall Bolts - (18) 1.5 solid steel locking bolts dipped in chrome Paint - Black Lighting - Blue tactical lighting (auto-switch) Hinge - 3 custom hinge easy off door for moving Hinge caps - 6 solid chrome hinge caps Finish - Chrome Package lock, handle, locking bolts, pin stripe Anti-Pry Construction (no doors pryed ever!) Advanced Relocking System Built in Anti-Theft System (tactical features included) $825 in FREE UPGRADES with this order.
  • *Remember most gun safes are not proper for storing paper documents and cash.
  • This LEO 2 hour safe is the proper option if you plan on storing more than just guns.
  • We offer 1 hour safes if you are only storing guns and dont require document or cash protection.
  • If you have questions about what safe is right for you please feel free to call us and we can walk you through our promotions.
  • These safes are highly sought due to their discounted prices. We've saved hard working families thousands of dollars on our premium gun safes. We are often told by our customers the reason they choose "RM Fire Safe" is that they were able to get a better safe with us for the money than anything else they had seen.
  • Even after months of research people come back to RM Fire Safe. usually wishing they had just purchased a "RM Fire Safes" in the first place. We can safe you hundreds of dollars on scratched and dented gun safes.
  • CALL or Email us to Receive pictures and details of our Current Scratch and Dent Specials It's best to call and find out what we have on hand & when the next truck is rolling in.

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39 Gun Safe – Collector

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