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  • We can build any size for the lowest price in the nation.
  • We have the thickest doors. Our company carries an A+ Rating, in business for 30 Years. (They say we are "One of a kind!") OC Fire Safes Company partners with most relevant safe companies so if there is something special you would like let us know and we will "hop to it!" If you are looking for an amazing deal on a HARDCORE Vault Door you have come to the home of just that.
  • We Specialize in the best of the best give our guys a chance you can't go wrong with a OC Fires Safes Vault Door.
  • Custom walk-in vaults for home, business, jewelers, pawnshop, and anyone that needs to protect the finest inventories.
  • We can retro-fit: Mercantile vaults: with 1, 2, or 4 hour fire doors, new and used in stock.
  • TL-30 Equivalent Vaults: with composite doors rated for jewelry. UL Class M Vaults: thicker and heavier for inventories up to 1.5 million UL Class II Vaults: body and doors up to 10" for up to $3 Million inventory European Class 23: our best! For more information or any questions, please call us at: (714) 891-1776. No one builds as many vaults, we do it all from start to completion.
  • Vault Door Front Line Product Name: Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040 MSRP : $5,330 SALE: $1,999 OC Fire Safes is one of the well known firms that offers high quality gun safes for keeping your firearms secure from unauthorized access.
  • We now offer a Vault Door called the “Front Line 8040,” which is built with perfection in order to keep your contents safe.
  • This vault door is designed with thicker steel, advanced fire protection, and an anti-theft digital locking mechanism.
  • The door is available in a standard size and is ready to integrate with your safe room.
  • When it comes to practical features and security, this vault door comes out ahead.
  • The "Front Line" 8040 Vault Door is in stock and can be easily shipped to your location from OC Fire SAfes Safe for free.
  • Some of the specifications of Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040 are mentioned below: ·
  • The weight of the Vault door is 890 Lbs · It is designed with ¼” American steel ·
  • 2 hours of fire protection at 1880 degree · Heat reactive door seal ·
  • Outermost flange of the vault door is 81.5 High x 38 5/16 Wide ·
  • Narrow part of the frame is 79.5 High x 35 Wide · Rough Opening is 79 3/4 High x 35 1/4 Wide · 18 1" Locking bolts ·
  • 7 year limited  warranty
  • We've saved hard working families thousands of dollars on our premium gun safes.
  • We are often told by our customers the reason they choose "RM Fire Safe" is that they were able to get a better safe with us for the money than anything else they had seen. Even after months of research people come back to RM Fire Safe. usually wishing they had just purchased a "RM Fire Safes" in the first place.
  • We can safe you hundreds of dollars on scratched and dented gun safes.

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    Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040

    • Product Code: Vault Door - "Front Line" 8040
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    • $3,998.00
    • $1,999.00