Scratch & Dent Safes

Scratched & Dented Gun Safes Available

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When you are looking forward for discounted gun safes, consider high quality scratched and dented safes available at Red Mountain Safes. At Red Mountain Safes, we have a huge collection of scratch and dented gun safes all year round.

We make sure that our safes offer the highest degree of security no matter where you put them. All the safes offered at our company feature state-of-the-art technology and are rich in features like fire protection and security.

A Red Mountain Safe can offer a higher volume of storage compared to other safes. Our Safes are manufactured with heavy steel and are impenetrable to nature. We know that the security of expensive guns is very important for you, thus we aspire to offer the best quality safes at rock bottom prices.

We have earned a great reputation due to our unbeatable customer service on safes. We make sure that all the scratched and dented safes pass our inspection before they are put back up for sale.

The safes are only sold after they are exhaustively tested and any issues addressed. Also, with any scratch and dented gun safe, we offer the same great lifetime warranty as with the new safes.

Call us if you are searching for a scratched and dented gun safe, With your specifications , we will find a safe in our inventory that meets your needs and email you right away.

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